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Ab Energizer

1. Loose weight, tone your muscles and sculpt your body within the comfort of your home. 2. Simply wrap the AB Energizer belt around your waist and just with a press of a button you're on your way to tighter Abs. 3. The AB Energizer was created as an AB wrap workout to work your Ab muscles and thighs through electronic stimulation. 4. The Ab energizer sends electronic impulse to your muscles that make your muscles contract ad relax. 5. The Ab Energizer has 10 different levels of intensity, that are self-adjustable and it allows you to exercise in 2 different program modes (Sculpting and Toning) 6. You can use the Ab energizer with your day to day activities, while you are working in the kitchen, watching TV or Just Relaxing? 7. After a 10 minute workout the Ab energizer will automatically shut itself off, letting you know your workout is over. -

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Energizer - First Energizer Bunny Introduction Commercial 1989

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Field Guardian M600 Energizer vs Gallagher M1000 Energizer

This video shows a brief side by side comparison of the US made Field Guardian M600 6 joule output electric fence charger and the New Zealand made Gallagher M1000 10 joule stored electric fence charger -

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Revolution Energizer

Rally at Camp Cho-YehWe want a Revolution!For more information check out our website!http://www.cho-yeh.org/ -

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Aqua energizer

Got bored decided to play this you can try it -

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